[IPython-user] emacs, idlwave

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Thu Jan 15 03:44:25 CST 2004


I just came across http://idlwave.org/

"""IDLWAVE is an add-on mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs which enables
feature-rich development and interaction with IDL, the
Interactive Data Language, produced by Research Systems, Inc. It
provides a compelling, full-featured alternative to the IDLDE
development environment bundled with IDL."""
(IDL is similar to matlab, etc.)

Have a look at the screen-shots!

Wouldn't something like this be interesting
in the context of python (scipy,...) ?



P.S.: BTW, this also looks nice: http://ecb.sourceforge.net/
      and appears to have python support ...

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