[IPython-user] [Fwd] Re: XEmacs execute buffers/regions only once

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jul 19 13:16:40 CDT 2004

I'm forwarding Alexis' message here.  Alexis, I added you to the ipython-user 
whitelist, you seemed not to be subscribed (or were under a different address).

Alex (Schmolck), I know you're swamped beyond belief, but if you have a chance 
to play with this version which Alexis patched, it might allow us to finally 
catch up with the mainline of python-mode.el.

I can also distribute it on the ipython website for others to play with it, if 
you guys want.



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Subject:Re: XEmacs execute buffers/regions only once
From:Alexis Gallagher <alexis at alexisgallagher.com>
Date:Mon, 19 Jul 2004 16:41:11 +0100
To:Alexander Schmolck <a.schmolck at gmx.net>
CC:ipython-user at scipy.net

Hey Alexander,

Alexander Schmolck wrote:

 >> So unless someone on this list has some time and the necessary
 >> expertise to create a suitable patch for newer versions of
 >> python-mode.el (and bug the maintainers to incorporate it, so that it
 >>  won't have to be done yet another time) those who want to use
 >> ipython within emacs will for now have to live with an older version
 >> of python-mode.el.

Alas I too don't have the time and certainly not the expertise to do it
properly, but in my own stumbling way I was just able to patch the
latest downloadable python-mode.el (version 2.54) to work with ipython.

Because the patch code uses the function ansi-color-filter-apply, it
becomes necessary to set ansi-color-for-comint-mode for the
patched python-mode.el to work correctly, even when it is working with
python and not ipython. I have no idea how to write patch code which
declares this dependency or otherwise finesses this issue.

I am attaching my patched version below. It works on my ipython
installation on my OS X machine, and it seems to work on the python
installation on my WinXP machine. However I have not tested it fully.

If someone else knows how to give this a modicum of testing to make sure
it doesn't break the basic python-mode features, and to encapsulate the
new disruptive new dependency on ansi-color-for-comtint-mode, then I
would be glad to bug Barry to try to get the changed version
incorporated in the ordinary python-mode development tree.


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