[IPython-user] [Fwd] Re: XEmacs execute buffers/regions only once

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Jul 21 12:50:03 CDT 2004

Alexander Schmolck wrote:
> Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> writes:

>>Alex (Schmolck), I know you're swamped beyond belief, but if you have a chance
>>to play with this version which Alexis patched, it might allow us to finally
>>catch up with the mainline of python-mode.el.
> sorry can't -- wrists seem to have given out now fur to rsi, typin 1 fingered.
> could you remove my email from ipython.el in .tgz as I won't be able to give
> support for forseeable future?

Bummer.  I just removed your email address from ipython.el in the public .tgz.

Take care of yourself, those things can become chronic very easily.  I've 
dealt with some of it myself, and one thing that helped a lot in my case (but 
I know it's different for everyone) was:

1. Getting used to hanlding the mouse with the left hand.  Your right hand 
tends to do much more work than the left, so balancing loads helps.  Getting a 
symmetric mouse is a must for this.

2. A Microsoft wireless ergonomic keyboard (I have the 'Wireless Natural 
Desktop' or somesuch keyboard/mouse combo, with a symmetric mouse).  Not only 
does the shape help, but since it's wireless, I can work with it on my lap 
under the desk, giving my hands a more natural position.  It was very 
convenient recently that I had a very incapacitating shoulder surgery 
resulting from a rock climbing accident.  I was able to start typing one week 
after the surgery, when I could not even hold a glass of water in my right hand.

Good luck with this!

> I'd recommend testing the new patch a while and then asking barry et al to
> incorporate, explaining why incorporation is important for ipython community.
> maybe they can also adapt my old patch (on sf) or clean up the new one if
> needed.

I've posted Alexis' 4.54 patched python-mode.el on:


so others can test it and play with it.



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