[IPython-user] Re: XEmacs execute buffers/regions only once

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Jun 10 11:10:12 CDT 2004

Alexis Gallagher wrote:
> And a hypothesis: Is it possible the .el files in ipython-emacs-0.3.tgz 
> out of psync with ipython 0.50?

I'll have to defer most of this problem to Alex, since I have _no idea_ about 
the details of the emacs support.  But on this particular question, I doubt 
this is the problem:  I _think_ I have Alex's most recent python-related stuff 
in ipython-emacs-0.3.tgz, and in ipython itself nothing has changed re. Emacs 
recently.  You could always test by updating to 0.6, just to be sure.

Hopefully with Alex's help this will clear up.  If there's anything I need to 
do on the ipython side proper (or in the distributed files) to help, let me 
know (I'll obviously be monitoring this thread).



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