[IPython-user] Re: [IPython-dev] Slow typing with windows readline?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jun 11 12:28:23 CDT 2004

Vincent N. Virgilio wrote:
> I might be that other person who reported the slow typing. I decided to 
> move to Cygwin, so it's no longer an issue. And, since the Python win32 
> install is gone, I won't be able to reproduce that behavior soon.

Note that the only thing gone for now is the binary GUI installer, ipython 
will remain available for win32 as a zip file, which you can just

1. download
2. unzip
3. double-click on 'setup.py'

So there's just one extra step to do, the unzip.  And instead of 
double-clicking on ipython-setup.exe, you double-click on setup.py.

Finally, Viktor Ransmayr is trying to help me out with the windows installer 
problems.  If that effort bears fruit, both (.zip and .exe) might be available 
in the future.  But I'll continue distributing the .zip always, upon the 
request of some user.



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