[IPython-user] Re: [IPython-dev] Slow typing with windows readline?

Vincent N. Virgilio virgilio at ieee.org
Fri Jun 11 22:58:05 CDT 2004

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Vincent N. Virgilio wrote:
>> I might be that other person who reported the slow typing. I decided 
>> to move to Cygwin, so it's no longer an issue. And, since the Python 
>> win32 install is gone, I won't be able to reproduce that behavior soon.
> Note that the only thing gone for now is the binary GUI installer, 
> ipython will remain available for win32 as a zip file, which you can just
> 1. download
> 2. unzip
> 3. double-click on 'setup.py'
> So there's just one extra step to do, the unzip.  And instead of 
> double-clicking on ipython-setup.exe, you double-click on setup.py.
> Finally, Viktor Ransmayr is trying to help me out with the windows 
> installer problems.  If that effort bears fruit, both (.zip and .exe) 
> might be available in the future.  But I'll continue distributing the 
> .zip always, upon the request of some user.
> Best,
> f

Hi Fernando,

Sorry, my obfuscation. I only meant 'gone' on my system. The message 
didn't even get to the list as I intended. My kids were talking into 
each of my ears as I was sending it.


Vince Virgilio

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