[IPython-user] Tab complete problem under Cygwin

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jun 25 01:12:29 CDT 2004

Travis Caldwell wrote:

>  I installed ipython 0.6.0 under cygwin on Windows XP
> and it mostly works, but I see some strange tab
> complete behavior.
>  Basically, when I tab complete, I see the last 2-3
> charecters of the input line get duplicated.
>  Also, when I start a ":" block the prompt changes to
> "...: m" and I think it should be just "...".

Which terminal are you using?  I can't test windows, but I suspect this may be 
a terminal-related problem.  I don't really know how cygwin works, but the 
spurious m's you're seeing look like the ending of ANSI color escapes which 
aren't being correctly handled.

The ANSI color escapes are of the form:


with %s being '0;32' and the like.  It looks like your terminal is not 
processing correctly the end of the escapes.

Could you test with a different terminal?  I seem to recall cygwin users 
reporting success with rxvt, which is a good, lightweight terminal (my 
favorite before KDE's konsole came around).

Perhaps some other cygwin user may provide better insights.



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