[IPython-user] Tab complete problem under Cygwin

Travis Caldwell travis_caldwell2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 02:06:14 CDT 2004

 I initially saw this problem on the cygwin bash shell
runinig directly from the Win XP desktop.

 I tried it in an xterm window running in the cygwin
version of X and saw the same behavior.

 I don't have a copy of rxvt under cgwin, but I can
try and get one.

 In both shells I able to use other programs (ls
--color, vi,...) which use terminal escapes and I also
have up-arrow/down-arror history which I assume is
using some readline style functionality. I can also
get tab completion to work directly in the shell.

 The colored text functions of IPython all seem to
work fine.

--- Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu>
> Travis Caldwell wrote:
> >  I installed ipython 0.6.0 under cygwin on Windows
> XP
> > and it mostly works, but I see some strange tab
> > complete behavior.
> > 
> >  Basically, when I tab complete, I see the last
> 2-3
> > charecters of the input line get duplicated.
> > 
> >  Also, when I start a ":" block the prompt changes
> to
> > "...: m" and I think it should be just "...".
> Which terminal are you using?  I can't test windows,
> but I suspect this may be 
> a terminal-related problem.  I don't really know how
> cygwin works, but the 
> spurious m's you're seeing look like the ending of
> ANSI color escapes which 
> aren't being correctly handled.
> The ANSI color escapes are of the form:
> '\001\033[%sm\002'
> with %s being '0;32' and the like.  It looks like
> your terminal is not 
> processing correctly the end of the escapes.
> Could you test with a different terminal?  I seem to
> recall cygwin users 
> reporting success with rxvt, which is a good,
> lightweight terminal (my 
> favorite before KDE's konsole came around).
> Perhaps some other cygwin user may provide better
> insights.
> Regards,
> Fernando

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