[IPython-user] Re: Tab complete problem under Cygwin

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at thorstenkampe.de
Fri Jun 25 09:47:16 CDT 2004

* Fernando Perez (2004-06-25 08:12 +0200)
> Travis Caldwell wrote:
>>  I installed ipython 0.6.0 under cygwin on Windows XP
>> and it mostly works, but I see some strange tab
>> complete behavior.
>>  Basically, when I tab complete, I see the last 2-3
>> charecters of the input line get duplicated.
>>  Also, when I start a ":" block the prompt changes to
>> "...: m" and I think it should be just "...".
> Which terminal are you using?  I can't test windows, but I suspect this may be 
> a terminal-related problem.  I don't really know how cygwin works, but the 
> spurious m's you're seeing look like the ending of ANSI color escapes which 
> aren't being correctly handled.

I don't think so because "the last 2-3 charecters of the input line
get duplicated". I've reported that in March:

Your final judgement was:
| Thorsten Kampe wrote:
| >> Again, my lack of access to a Windows box is going to make this
| >> quite tricky to track down. Do you know if cygwin uses the default
| >> Gnu readline library for completions, or are you using Chris
| >> Drexler's PyReadlineWin32?
| > 
| > Standard GNU readline coming with bash. I could post my .inputrc but
| > it's the same as on my Gentoo box where IPython works flawlessly.
| Mmh, then I'm stumped; sorry but I have no clue whatsoever. And
| without a cygwin box to use, I won't be able to offer any better
| diagnostics later either.
| Sorry to be of so little help. But if ever you or another user figures
| out the cause and it's something I can fix on the ipython side, please
| let me know.


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