[IPython-user] Tab complete problem under Cygwin

Travis Caldwell travis_caldwell2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 15:42:55 CDT 2004

 I'm by no means a cygwin expert, but I don't think that cmd.exe gets
involved when I run the cygwin shell from the XP desktop.

 I'm running the shell via the desktop shortcut which points to

 cygwin.bat chdirs to \cygwin\bin and then runs:
"bash --login -i"

 In this bash shell, vi, coloring and shell tab completion work fine.

>> I don't think so because "the last 2-3 charecters of the input line
>> get duplicated". I've reported that in March:
>> http://www.scipy.net/pipermail/ipython-user/2004-March/000223.html

 This seems like the problem that I am seeing. I also see the problem
go away when I set '@colors NoColor'

 The fact that the problem only occurs with color tunred on makes me
think that someone is doing math based on the number of bytes in the
current input line. With colors off, the number of bytes equals the
number of printable characters. With color on, the input line can
contain non-printing escape sequences which throws off the math.

 Since this problem occurs in both bash.exe and xterm, it seems like an
interaction between ipython and the readline dll which comes with
cygwin python. 

 I looked at Gary Bishop's pacakge and it seems like it was meant for a
pure windows python rather then under cygwin. 

 Again I'm no cygwin expert, but I thought that binaries compiled for
windows and ones compiled for cygwin were not interchangeable.


--- Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> wrote:
> Travis Caldwell wrote:
> >  I initially saw this problem on the cygwin bash shell
> > runinig directly from the Win XP desktop.
> I believe the best way to get readline support under the 'normal'
> (cmd.exe I 
> think it's called) WinXP termianl is via Gary Bishop's readline
> library.  The 
> code in current CVS will auto-configure ipython to load it correctly,
> I think 
> 0.6.0 didn't quite have this yet.
> >  I tried it in an xterm window running in the cygwin
> > version of X and saw the same behavior.
> > 
> >  I don't have a copy of rxvt under cgwin, but I can
> > try and get one.
> > 
> >  In both shells I able to use other programs (ls
> > --color, vi,...) which use terminal escapes and I also
> > have up-arrow/down-arror history which I assume is
> > using some readline style functionality. I can also
> > get tab completion to work directly in the shell.
> > 
> >  The colored text functions of IPython all seem to
> > work fine.
> There is some up/down arrow functionality in the normal WinXP command
> window, 
> and that thing can indeed display coloring.  The problem is that it
> doesn't 
> honor normal ANSI escapes, so Gary's readline does the magic of
> translating 
> between ANSI escapes and whatever it is that the WinXP cmd.exe
> understands.
> But there may be other problems as well, since you are seeing the
> issue with 
> an xterm as well.  I just tested an xterm on my box (FedoraCore1
> laptop) and 
> it works fine, but that doesn't necessarily mean much.
> Let's hope someone with good success under Windows/cygwin can post
> better 
> info.  I'd actually very much appreciate if a Windows user could
> summarize a 
> bit the various combinations of things that work/don't.  I think it
> would be 
> great to include this information in the manual.  Now I describe the
> procedure 
> for using Gary's library, but some cygwin details would help a lot,
> along with 
> potential pitfalls/workarounds.
> Best,
> f

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