[IPython-user] Tab complete problem under Cygwin

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jun 25 17:11:09 CDT 2004

Travis Caldwell wrote:
>  I installed the cygwin rxvt package and it also displays the same
> behavior.
>  Here is the output of 'echo $TERM' for all three shells:
>  bash.exe     cygwin
>  rxvt         xterm
>  xterm        xterm

Thanks.  It's a bummer that rxvt also shows the problem, I could have sworn it 
didn't.  Oh well...

>  In my Prompts.py file, the line you mentioned is at line 47 and it
> reads:
>  InputColors = ultraTB.InputTermColors # just a shorthand

Right, I was quoting from CVS.

> I changed it as you suggested and now the problem has gone away.
>  Thanks!

Not so fast :)  It turns out that the different classes (TermColors and 
InputTermColors) exist for a reason.  If you use TermColors, some of the 
escaping bugs _seem_ to go away, but then you get (under Unix) the following 
problem: long lines which get to the edge of the terminal go crazy.

It's hard to describe, but try (with the 'fix' in place) to type a line long 
enough that it would wrap in your terminal.  Long ago the InputTermColors 
class had to be introduced to allow readline to correctly compute the line 
length, because otherwise as you got to the edge of the screen (or just after 
wrapping), the cursor handling would go nuts.

Only if we can confirm that this 'fix' doesn't reintroduce the long-line bug 
under cygwin, will I be willing to consider including the code.  So this will 
need fairly detailed testing from cygwin users.

>  I've only scratched the surface of what IPython has to offer, but so
> far everything else has worked for me under cygwin.

I hope you like it in the future.



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