Anyone using ipython.el under windows? Was: Re: [IPython-user] Trouble with ipython inside (X)Emacs on Windows

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at
Sat Jun 26 08:43:40 CDT 2004

Fernando.Perez at writes:

> But Alex Schmolck, the author of the (X)Emacs support code, may be able to
> provide some help if you post some details. 

Unfortunately he isn't :(

Michael and I exchanged a couple of emails, but the problems appear somewhat
bizzarre to someone untroubled by windows as myself and since I leave for
holiday today, I suggested to Michael to post to the list and see whether
someone else who, unlike me, uses windows might chip in.

So before I'm gone I'd just like to ask: is anyone on this list successfully
using ipython.el under windows? Did it require any particular tricks to
run ipython in an emacs buffer?


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