[IPython-user] Tab complete problem under Cygwin -- Also GnuplotRuntime.py

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 28 22:17:47 CDT 2004

Travis Caldwell wrote:
>  I tried typing a string longer then the terminal line length on both
> the bash.exe shell and in an xterm.
>  On the bash.exe shell, everything seemed to work fine except the first
> line wrapped 25 chars to soon. Deleteting back upto the first line
> worked fine and so did up/down arrow command history.
>  In the xterm, the line indeed went nuts when I wrapped the first line.
> It wrapped too soon and typed over itself and the arrow history was all
> wrong.

Ok, so this means the 'fix' isn't really one, as I feared.  This annoys me to 
no end, but I have no idea how to fix it.  I would _guess_ the problem lies 
with the cygwin readline itself, since every other terminal under 
Unix/Linux/OSX seems to handle these things correctly.  But I may be wrong, 
I'm just shooting in the dark here.

Until a cygwin guru can suggest a true fix which doesn't break line wrapping, 
I'm very much afraid we'll have a standing bug under cygwin. Bummer.

>  1) Gnuplot.py doesn't support the persist option under cygwin (in
> gp_cygwin.py). GnuplotRuntime.py checks for os.name in ['nt','dos']
> and if true doesn't set the persist option.
> elif sys.platform == 'cygwin' :
>     gnuplot_runtime = 0

Fixed (slightly different form, same effect).  Thanks.

>  2) This is probably a Gnuplot.py issue, but line 60 of gp_cygwin.py
> had default_temr= 'windows' and my cygwin version of gnuplot doesn't
> have a terminal setting for windows, so I changed this to x11 and it
> seemed to work.

Yes, gnuplot.py does require a bit of manual customization straight into the 
source.  That part is beyond ipython's control, you did the right thing.



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