[IPython-user] Re: exception with help()

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at thorstenkampe.de
Sat Mar 6 07:57:23 CST 2004

* Thorsten Kampe (2004-03-06 14:09 +0100)
> Following error with "help(abs)" (and any other help()" in IPython
> (Cygwin under Windows XP SP1; all Windows patches and Cygwin
> uptodate):

> So there are in fact two problems
> 1. Why does an exception occur with less?
> 2. Why does IPython try to use less (instead of most)?

Okay, the latter was an easy one (although I don't understand it): I
didn't export $PAGER so it wasn't part of the environment under
Cygwin. (But I didn't export it under Gentoo Linux either - and it was
"magically" part of the environment).

But the problem still exists: IPython "crashes" with less/most while
the plain vanilla Python shell has no problems with both of them)


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