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   > From: Andrew Boling <davin at eztradelive.com>
   >  The main disadvantage of the above are the names of shell commands
   >  overriding the names of functions in the global namespace (with the
   >  exclusion of iPython commands, which are protected). This will not be
   >  noticable for the most part - many python statements contain parenthesis
   >  on the first argument which would prevent a shell command from matching
   >  as it is, and the Python builtins that do not use parenthesis (print,
   >  if, for, while, def, class, etc.) generally do not have commandline
   >  equivilants; shells internally interpret most of those directives.

print is a command on Windows systems, usually found in the \winnt\system32 directory these days, which is definitely in the typical PATH.
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