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Davin davin at eztradelive.com
Fri Mar 12 07:52:15 CST 2004

Hmm, thanks for pointing that out. The 'shell' functionality I see 
getting 90% of its use by *nix users, but it's good to be aware of 
problems like this ahead of time.

I'm thinking that, just for safety purposes, it would be a good idea to 
have a list of 'overrides'. These would be commands that don't contain 
parenthesis in the first word (such as print) that need to be evaluated 
directly by Python at any cost. (in other words, if a word is considered 
an override it would skip directly to being parsed by the interpreter if 
there is no iPython alias)

pythondev-dang wrote:

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>  > From: Andrew Boling <davin at eztradelive.com>
> ...
>  > The main disadvantage of the above are the names of shell commands
>  > overriding the names of functions in the global namespace (with the
>  > exclusion of iPython commands, which are protected). This will not be
>  > noticable for the most part - many python statements contain parenthesis
>  > on the first argument which would prevent a shell command from matching
>  > as it is, and the Python builtins that do not use parenthesis (print,
>  > if, for, while, def, class, etc.) generally do not have commandline
>  > equivilants; shells internally interpret most of those directives.
> print is a command on Windows systems, usually found in the 
> \winnt\system32 directory these days, which is definitely in the typical 
> --dang
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