[IPython-user] Re: Question about IPython

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Mar 15 14:10:36 CST 2004

Andrew Boling wrote:
> Subscribed just now, I used the e-mail address I have all of my other 
> mailing list subscriptions on.
> At any rate, I know I'm weirdo for wanting to replace /bin/bash with 
> iPython, but I've been wanting a shell that uses Python and so far 
> iPython seems the closest to having the necessary functionality without 
> writing one from scratch. Heck, it's even got its own rc files, so all 
> it's missing is the actual filesystem interaction.


Sorry for the delay.  This is just a quick note to say that it may take me a 
few days to reply in full -- I'm currently completely swamped with urgent 
'real' work.

But I _will_ address your last message in detail, you are on the right track. 
  There are already enough hooks into python to do what you want as a profile, 
though.  Start looking at the 'tutorial' profile for ideas.  I'll have more 
details when I can find a bit of spare time.



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