[IPython-user] Re: Question about IPython

pythondev-dang pythondev-dang at lazytwinacres.net
Tue Mar 16 08:04:57 CST 2004

Andrew Boling wrote:
> At any rate, I know I'm weirdo for wanting to replace /bin/bash with
> iPython, but I've been wanting a shell that uses Python and so far
> iPython seems the closest to having the necessary functionality without
> writing one from scratch. Heck, it's even got its own rc files, so all
> it's missing is the actual filesystem interaction.

I don't know if you're a weirdo--every now and then I wish IPython 
had just a smidge more shell capability.  What I've started to do is add 
the commands, as the need arises, to my ipythonrc file.  
Unfortunately, I don't know how (if it's even possible) to support 
stdin/stdout/stderr redirection.

I found a bunch of scripts on scipy.net, but they seem to be organized
chronologically.  I wrote a shellout to grep (with the ability to capture 
the stdout result in a python list); I can donate it if someone wants it 
(it's inspired by a grep-like interface to the python re package, written 
by Gever Tulley, that I found 
at http://www.scipy.net/pipermail/scipy-cvs/2003-September).

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