[IPython-user] ipy for shell scripting

Matt Wilkie matt.wilkie at gov.yk.ca
Wed Mar 17 18:48:02 CST 2004

Hi Listers,

I'm new to IPython, and python too for that matter. I've been looking
for a more robust/capable scripting language and think maybe I've found
it here. I'm not a programmer but have managed to put together some okay
batch files in the past.

There are some messages in the archives talking about exactly the kind
of thing I want to do (for z in /downloads/*.zip, do unzip z, move z
/some/place, email $boss, etc). I understand this is only available in
CVS. Our firewall blocks pserver cvs access. Would somebody please zip
it up for me and put it somewhere I can download?

thanks in advance,


PS: I on Windows 2k/XP and have been using ipy on cygwin instead of
native windows. Three main reasons for this: rxvt allows me to <pg-up>
through the screen buffer and cmd doesn't, tab completion, and I like

PPS: a stand-alone version of ipy would be cool. This way I could build
scripts on my machine and still be able to pass them off to co-workers
who don't have the option of installing cgywin and/or python. Dunno if
that is feasible or not. Got the idea from

matt wilkie
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Information Management and Technology,
Yukon Department of Environment
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