[IPython-user] ipy for shell scripting

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Mar 17 19:29:04 CST 2004

Matt Wilkie wrote:
> Hi Listers,
> I'm new to IPython, and python too for that matter. I've been looking
> for a more robust/capable scripting language and think maybe I've found
> it here. I'm not a programmer but have managed to put together some okay
> batch files in the past.
> There are some messages in the archives talking about exactly the kind
> of thing I want to do (for z in /downloads/*.zip, do unzip z, move z
> /some/place, email $boss, etc). I understand this is only available in
> CVS. Our firewall blocks pserver cvs access. Would somebody please zip
> it up for me and put it somewhere I can download?

Well, it's not really anywhere: currently it's more of a discussion of future 
possibilities.  If you have a specific topic in mind which we've said before 
is in CVS, let me know and I can clarify it (a link to the email mentioning it 
would tell me what to look for).  I can put up a zip of my current personal 
copy (with stuff that isn't even in CVS), but you won't find any significant 
improvements regarding shell access there.

> PS: I on Windows 2k/XP and have been using ipy on cygwin instead of
> native windows. Three main reasons for this: rxvt allows me to <pg-up>
> through the screen buffer and cmd doesn't, tab completion, and I like
> colour!

This is good news: Thorsten has had problems with coloring, so apparently 
there's a way to make it work.

> PPS: a stand-alone version of ipy would be cool. This way I could build
> scripts on my machine and still be able to pass them off to co-workers
> who don't have the option of installing cgywin and/or python. Dunno if
> that is feasible or not. Got the idea from
> http://www.chez.com/spinecho/pypsi/pagpypsi.htm

Sorry, but I'm not really familiar with the single-file packaging mechanisms 
for python.  Since they are Windows-related (py2exe et al), they fall outside 
my range of expertise and access.  But if anyone packages ipython in such a 
manner, I'll be glad to put it on the website or link to it.



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