[IPython-user] Using ipython as a bash replacement

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at cprogrammer.org
Tue Mar 23 08:19:56 CST 2004

# But feel free to voice your opinion on the matters expressed
# recently, I'll take all ideas into account for the rest of the
# discussion.  I should be able to come back to this in ~ 2 weeks,
# after some 'real' work is finally out of the way.

Hello once more,

I had an idea [and I don't know if it has already been proposed].
Toward the goal of using ipython in a more shellish context, I think
it would be really useful if ipython would treat any non-pythonic
stuff as a shell command; so, if you enter a command or something, and
it cannot resolve it as something pythonic or magical, perhaps it
would then default to running it on the system level.  So, if I enter
something like

In [56]: emacs

and 'emacs' is not magical and is not in the python namespace, ipython
might run it as a fallback.  I know this might be potentially
dangerous, but it's just an idea.  Any thoughts?

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