[IPython-user] Installationreport of IPython-0.6.0.rc1 on WinXP

Fernando Perez fperez at colorado.edu
Sun May 9 15:47:43 CDT 2004

Viktor Ransmayr wrote:

 >>Could I ask you one more thing? Are you using Gary Bishop's tools
 >>(http://sourceforge.net/projects/uncpythontools) for getting readline
 >>and coloring support?  I'd like to know whether I applied all of
 >>Gary's patches correctly and if these things work 'out of the box', so
 >>I can update the Windows-related information in the manual and website.
 > Of course. - I quickly checked the URL. - I have neither the python
 > readline, nor the
 > ctypes module installed. - So it might take a while, but I'll let you
 > know about the result.

Great.  This should also make the windows ipython experience much closer to 
the linux one: tab completion (and all the other readline-based features) and 
coloring for code and tracebacks make IMHO half of the ipython strength.  I 
hope this works easily now, so that Windows users can benefit from all of it.

If it works for you, I would greatly appreciate if you could briefly summarize 
  what the necessary packages/requisites are, so I can document it in the 
manual.  Since I don't have access to Windows, I have no way of doing the 
process by myself.

Best regards, and thanks in advance for all your help.


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