[IPython-user] Re: Incomplete color support in IPython 0.6.0.

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at thorstenkampe.de
Sat May 15 05:21:05 CDT 2004

* Vincent N. Virgilio (2004-05-15 09:26 +0100)
> But you might like to know that I have encountered a problem with its 
> color support on Win2k. There is something incomplete about it, even 
> with Gary Bishop's latest Readline.
> I have installed:
> 1. Enthought's latest Python bundle.
> 2. IPython 0.6.0
> 3. Gary Bishop's latest Readline for win32, v1.2.
> 4. matplotlib v0.53.1
> 5. pywin32-201
> Notice the escape codes in IPython output below. Such codes also show 
> for commands like 'import os; os?'. The In prompt, however, is colored 
> properly.
> I have @colors = Linux, @color_info = 1. Of course, the codes disappear 
> if I set @colors = NoColor. The 'less' in PAGER is from Cygwin; a native 
> win32 version didn't make a difference. Nor did '-r', either as part of 
> the command in PAGER, or separately in LESS.
> The Readline functionality seems to work (tab completion, 
> movement/edits). Except Ctl-U, which doesn't do anything. Shouldn't it 
> erase the line? (Ctl-W deletes words as expected.)

Just a short "me too" (in a way). I am solely using Python/IPython on
Linux and Cygwin and have tried it now for the first time on native
Windows using ctags, Bishop's readline and rlcompleter2.


* Supposed coloured output shows escape sequences while the input
prompt works fine (like you stated before)

* Typing is incredibly slow with readline (about half a second delay
between each character)

* The history is saved in native Windows format showing ^Ms at the end
when one uses a shared Cygwin and Windows history file (this is not
unique to IPython and shows in vanilla Python shell, too)

* regarding your "less" problem, you might consider "rebasing" your
Cygwin installation.


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