[IPython-user] Re: Re: Incomplete color support in IPython 0.6.0.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon May 17 11:44:00 CDT 2004

Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> * Fernando Perez (2004-05-15 21:27 +0100)

>>If this fixes things, please let me know.
> No, it has no effect. Input prompt is still coloured and the output
> prompt shows escape sequences instead.
> Another thing is that Bishop's readline doesn't even reset the prompt
> colours to the default state when quitting the Python shell (default
> is white on black while his readline makes the prompt light white).
> That's hardly a "big thing" but in my opinion his application cannot
> be called "stable".

Bummer.  Thanks for the info, but right now I'm out of ideas, and can't test 
further (since I lack a windows box).  I'll contact Gary directly, asking for 
his help on this matter.  I'll report back with any results.



ps. On the readline newline matter, I've convinced myself this should be 
handled by readline's read_history_file() method, which should open files in 
'U' mode always.  Your usage case (make a history file in XP, then open it in 
XP-cygwin) is a perfect example of why this should be done this way.  But 
since this function is coded in C, not in python, it's not that easy to 
override it on the spot.  Do you think you could follow this matter on SF?  I 
have my hands full with the rest of ipython's stuff.

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