[IPython-user] EOF for the cmd class

Justin Walker justin at mac.com
Thu Nov 25 01:02:26 CST 2004

On Nov 24, 2004, at 22:53, Fernando Perez wrote:

> Justin Walker wrote:
> Well, I'm afraid I'll need a bit more detail in order to understand 
> the problem.  The easiest approach would just be for you to post the 
> code you are trying to run (as an attachment, to avoid 
> indentation/whitespace issues), along with what you expect it to do.  
> I can probably just take it for a spin with ipython and give you some 
> clues.

Happy to oblige (I didn't want to pollute the list unasked).  The .py 
file and a transcript of ipython's reactions are at the end.

If I run this code and type ^D in python, the interpreter exits to 
shell.  If I do the same with ipython, it complains, with a traceback, 
and the comment that that I should use ^D to exit (:-}).

Thanks for looking this over.



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