[IPython-user] Re: ipython as zope interactive console

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Oct 5 16:26:18 CDT 2004

Jeff Kowalczyk schrieb:
> Fernando Perez wrote:
>>>- Effective user is a bit of a problem. IPython tries to write history,
>>>etc. into /root/.ipython/ when it is no longer that (root) user.
>>I imagine that if the ipython import calls are made once the UID has been
>>switched, this should be OK.  But a bit more work may be needed here.
> This is what I see when canceling out of ipython:


Yes, this is what I imagined.  IPython decides which directory to store its 
stuff in quite early on (this is in ipmaker.py):

     # default directory for configuration
     ipythondir = os.path.abspath(os.environ.get('IPYTHONDIR',
                                  os.path.join(IP.home_dir,'.ipython') ) )

But by setting the IPYTHONDIR variable in your environment, you can make this 
be something other than $HOME/.ipython.  This should take care of this problem.



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