[IPython-user] ipython + pylab + wx/wxagg on win32/OSX

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Tue Sep 7 15:01:03 CDT 2004

I got an answer from Robin Dunn on the wxpython list about the
stderr/stdout bug that was breaking ipython -pylab with the wx*
matplotlib backends.  It turns out that the defaults for output
redirection are different on the different platforms, which explains
why it worked on linux but not win32 or OSX.

All you need to do is pass redirect=False to the wxapp constructor.
Eg, on or around line in 498 IPython/Shell.py v0.6.3

        self.app = App(redirect=False)

Confirmed to fix both OSX and win32 for wx*.

Now I think the summary is

           linux        win32     OSX
    GTK* : good         ugly      works except for shell close bug
    WX*  : good         good      good
    TK*  : good         good      good

Cool.  If only all bugs were so easy.

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