[IPython-user] Re: ipython + pylab + wx/wxagg on win32/OSX

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Sep 8 18:41:15 CDT 2004

John Hunter wrote:
> I got an answer from Robin Dunn on the wxpython list about the
> stderr/stdout bug that was breaking ipython -pylab with the wx*
> matplotlib backends.  It turns out that the defaults for output
> redirection are different on the different platforms, which explains
> why it worked on linux but not win32 or OSX.
> All you need to do is pass redirect=False to the wxapp constructor.
> Eg, on or around line in 498 IPython/Shell.py v0.6.3
>         self.app = App(redirect=False)
> Confirmed to fix both OSX and win32 for wx*.

Great! Many thanks.  I've just committed the fix into CVS.

> Now I think the summary is
>            linux        win32     OSX
>     GTK* : good         ugly      works except for shell close bug
>     WX*  : good         good      good
>     TK*  : good         good      good

Do you think we'll be able to get the GTK/win32 setup working?  You probably 
know that platform better than anybody else here, so I'm pretty useless on 
this one.  But it would be great to be able to make a final ipython release 
before I get into the 'big cleanup', so that matplotlib users on all 
platforms/backends can use pylab happily while I work on the cleanup.



ps.  You have for me: Fernando Perez <fperez at pizero.colorado.edu>.
You should switch to Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu, which should be a more 
stable address for the long term (pizero was a local Physics server, and that 
account may disappear in the future).

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