[IPython-user] run python script with arg

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Sep 24 12:43:12 CDT 2004

John Hunter schrieb:
> I am trying to use ipython to run a python script that takes command
> line args
> Eg, you can do
>>python somefile.py -C somearg
> When I run this with ipython, it appears that ipython is trying to
> process the -C flag, and is complaining about not knowing the flag.

That kind of processing from the command line is just not supported (I'd have 
to be smarter than I am right now about splitting args for ipython and args 
for the upcoming script).  But you can definitely do the following:

planck[~/test]> ipython --nobanner

In [1]: cat argv.py
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys

print 'argv:',sys.argv

In [2]: run argv.py -C somearg foo bar
argv: ['argv.py', '-C', 'somearg', 'foo', 'bar']

In practice, this should do what you want.  It's an extra step (you need to 
start ipython first and _then_ use run), but hopefully this is OK in your 
context.  Let me know if you need more details/help.



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