[IPython-user] Re: [IPython-dev] I need feedback: new escapefor at magics?

Robin Siebler Robin.Siebler at palmsource.com
Wed Sep 29 12:45:05 CDT 2004

$%& <--- All of these seem good to me.  :)

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A Dimecres 29 Setembre 2004 19:31, Robin Siebler va escriure:
> How about using another mostly unused key like ~ or an ALT+NUMPAD code?

I'm afraid this is a bit difficult to key in spanish keyboards. And
ALT+NUMPAD could be *killer* for laptop owners.

> Yes, this one is a problem.  Bummer.
> I could make the code work in the following manner:
> /anything/with/slashes/in/it -> works like pysh currently does
> /something_with_no_slashes -> considered a magic
> This would only leave the rather rare case of trying to run a naked command 
> from the root directory out.  This can certainly work, however the 
> non-orthogonality of it bothers me a bit.  I don't like users having to 
> remember funny special cases of this nature.  I feel it's a cleaner design to 
> have _one_ special character for magics, which works uniformly across all 
> ipython configurations.
> Hmmm...  I'm not too sure what to do here.  Here are a few more ideas just 
> thrown in to see how they feel:
> %magic  -> I kind of like this one...

me too

also &magic would be worth considering


Francesc Alted

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