[IPython-user] Graphical Object Browser: Eclipse/pydev

Travis Caldwell travis_caldwell2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 13:13:26 CDT 2004

 If you are looking for integration into an IDE and a graphical object
browser, have you looked at integrating with pydev and eclipse?


 Pydev is an eclipse plugin that provides a python editor, debugger and
graphical class tree view. It also has code completion and some
refactoring support.

 Most of it is written in Java, but the code completion and refactoring

support are written in Python with sockets being used to communicate 
between the Java and Python. 

 Right now, you can run a normal python shell in an eclipse console. 
But the standard eclipse console doesn't understand ANSI escapes and
up/down arrow and TAB, so runnning IPython in an eclipse console
work too well.

 If the console thing could be fixed and if the IPython process could
communicate back to pydev to interact with the editor windows and class
browser, it could make a very slick combination.


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