[IPython-user] Re: [IPython-dev] I need feedback: new escapefor @magics?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Sep 30 11:48:43 CDT 2004

Ville Vainio schrieb:
> Fernando Perez wrote:
>>I must choose something which is invalid python syntax _forever_, 
>>hence the appeal of binary ops, or something like a closing bracket as 
>>the first character. I need the sequence to be, by definition, invalid 
> Does it matter that much? I'd imagine the "magic" prefix would be 
> unnecussary after the "big cleanup" - magics should just be normal 
> python objects like everything else, recognized as magic (or, requiring 
> special handling of their args) by their name and its existence in the 
> table of special symbols. Yes, I'm jumping to conclusions here :-).

This is true, and even today they almost never need to be explicitly escaped. 
  So I'll leave '%' as the rarely-needed ugly escape, and we can move on :)



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