[IPython-user] Embedded IPython and readline under MacOS-X

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Mon Apr 4 04:21:34 CDT 2005

Le Lundi 4 Avril 2005 10:40, Fernando Perez a écrit :

> I imagine that when you run ipython, you are picking up the fink-supplied
> python, which DOES have readline.  In contrast, if you type
> $ python yourscript.py
> the first python in your $PATH will be the Apple-supplied one, which is
> missing readline.
> You can test this by running your little embedding example as
> $ /sw/bin/python yourscript.py  # or whatever the path to fink's python
> is
> If readline works in this case, it means I'm right.  Otherwise, I'll
> defer the solution to our OSX users who can actually test things instead
> of making guesses out of thin air like I'm doing right now :)

Yes, you are right, it works fine with Fink python version !

Thank's for you help,


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