[IPython-user] NTEmacs + ipython

Mike Krell spamaccount10000 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 23:37:21 CDT 2005


I'm trying to get the IPython shell to run under Gnu
Emacs on windows.  From reading the mailing list
archives, I don't think anyone has had much success
doing this.

In short, I'm running NTEmacs 21.3.1, ActiveState
Python 2.4.1, IPython 0.6.13, and version 4.70 of
python-mode.el from the IPython web site.  I've
installed CTypes and Readline as described on the
site.  IPython works fine when run from its own
console window.

I've managed to get the python interpreter within
emacs to display the IPython prompt instead of the
normal Python prompt.  I did this by creating a file
ipython.cmd containing

"python -i Path\To\Python\scripts\ipython"

and by setting emacs's ipython-command variable to
"ipython".  This sort of works; I now get a prompt
that looks like:

^A^BIn [^A^B1^A^B]: ^A^B

where the ^A and ^B are control A and control B
characters. The middle portion is light and dark green
as expected.  It's semi-responsive; typing "help"
returns help, and tab completion works on keywords. 
However, typing a syntax error returns nothing except
the next command prompt.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix


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