[IPython-user] ipython and optparse

Johann Cohen Tanugi cohen at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Aug 1 13:42:00 CDT 2005

I use optparse to parse command line args and it works fine with my 
python 2.4 install. I also have ipython built on top of it, and it works 
fine as well, but it seems to be a feature of ipython that *all* args 
are passed to it instead of some being passed to the python script for 
processing by optparse....

python -i AngDistSampler.py -k 62.5 --draw

works, but

ipython2.4 -i AngDistSampler.py -k 62.5 --draw

does not : ipython complaining that -k is not a known option.....

thanks for any further information


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