[IPython-user] IPython w different Pythons

Alan G Isaac aisaac at american.edu
Mon Aug 15 10:22:37 CDT 2005

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005, Fernando Perez apparently wrote: 
> You can just unpack the .tgz and do: 
> /path/to/python2.4 setup.py install --install-scripts=/tmp/something/ 
> This will dump the execution script which points to py2.4 into /tmp/something, 
> so it doesn't overwrite your default one in /usr/bin.  You can then do 
> mv /tmp/something/ipython /usr/bin/ipython2.4 

> An alternative is to keep the IPython directory somewhere in your $PYTHONPATH, 
> and have two aliases 
> ipython23 = python2.3 /path/to/ipython/scripts/ipython 
> ipython24 = python2.4 /path/to/ipython/scripts/ipython 
> This one will allow you to use the same install from both python versions. 

Trying to translate the latter to Windows ...
I see that my original IPython installation created 
a shortcut with target
C:\Python23\python.exe "C:\Program 
I think you are saying that changing this to
C:\Python24\python.exe "C:\Program Files\IPython\IPython_shell.py"
should work as long as I add an %PYTHONPATH environment 
variable that points to "C:\Program Files\IPython".

Is that about right?

Thank you,
Alan Isaac

PS And yes, I remembered to add current ctypes and readline 
under 2.4.

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