[IPython-user] ipython.el extensions

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Aug 15 22:18:10 CDT 2005

Hi all!

I've written a couple of functions enhancing the
ipython emacs mode. One of them provide autocompletion
  * integration with icicles and icomplete+
    (you complete in the minibuffer, can iterate over
     completions, match by prefix or regex, etc)
  * the comint interaction with ipython autocompletion
    mechanism simulates normal user interaction
    (instead of sending
     under the hoods:
      - tabs are sent as needed
      - "display all possibilities..." question is answered
      - "--More--" offerts are accepted by sending an space
    This allows ipython to complete the entire line
    instead of just the current indentifier. That is:
    file and ipython magic commands autocompletion are
    working too (fulfilling the desire of the author of this
      ;; XXX currently we go backwards to find the beginning of an
      ;; expression part; a more powerful approach in the future might be
      ;; to let ipython have the complete line, so that context can be used
      ;; to do things like filename completion etc.).
    Also, the prompt number is maintained instead of being
    annoyingly incremented after each completion.

The other function provides a simple utility to show
the documentation corresponding to the current symbol.
The ipython inferior buffer is "popped up" displaying
the requested information. This is to facilitate the
access to documentation while coding inside a
python-mode buffer. Autocompletion can be used from
python-mode buffers too (but of course file and magic
command completion will render useless here).

I'm still testing this extensions but I find them
pretty usable and very convenient. I don't know
if they work with xemacs. If anyone wants
to give them a chance just email me.




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