[IPython-user] Re: silly question about ipython and pdb integration

mchl gdbt mchlgdbt at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 16 08:20:02 CDT 2005


This is Michael continuing the same thread from a different email address.

Ok, so the first thing I noticed was that when you entered pdb mode, there 
was an actual (Pdb) in the margin which I did not get.

In other words, when my script failed (threw exception) it did not go into 
(Pdb) mode since the (Pdb) does not appear.

However, Pdb is available since I can reproduce your screens almost exactly. 
  That is, if I enter

(Pdb) a.
a.__add__          a.__lt__           a.encode           a.replace
a.__class__        a.__mod__          a.endswith         a.rfind
a.__contains__     a.__mul__          a.expandtabs       a.rindex
a.__delattr__      a.__ne__           a.find             a.rjust
a.__doc__          a.__new__          a.index            a.rstrip
a.__eq__           a.__reduce__       a.isalnum          a.split
a.__ge__           a.__reduce_ex__    a.isalpha          a.splitlines
a.__getattribute__ a.__repr__         a.isdigit          a.startswith
a.__getitem__      a.__rmod__         a.islower          a.strip
a.__getnewargs__   a.__rmul__         a.isspace          a.swapcase
a.__getslice__     a.__setattr__      a.istitle          a.title
a.__gt__           a.__str__          a.isupper          a.translate
a.__hash__         a.capitalize       a.join             a.upper
a.__init__         a.center           a.ljust            a.zfill
a.__le__           a.count            a.lower
a.__len__          a.decode           a.lstrip
(Pdb) q

In [64]: pwd

so that works fine. So I thought I was having trouble with pdb. In fact, I'm 
having trouble with losing control of a script. eg.

In [73]: %run PrepareSpreadsForDB.py
pywintypes.com_error                                 Traceback (most recent 

     47 #            ValidZones.append(rs.Fields.Item(1).Value)
     48 #    else:
---> 49     print rs.Fields.Item(1).Value
     50 #    rs.Close()
     51 #    conn.Close()

<unknown>> in Item(self, Index)

com_error: (-2147352567, "Une exception s'est produite.", (0, 
'ADODB.Fields', "I
mpossible de trouver l'objet dans la collection correspondant au nom ou \xe0 
r\xe9f\xe9rence ordinale demand\xe9.", 'C:\\WINDOWS\\HELP\\ADO270.CHM', 
-2146825023), None)

WARNING: Failure executing file: <PrepareSpreadsForDB.py>

If I press ctrl-c enough, then the shell dies. Is there a less fatal way of 
breaking back out to the shell after a failure to execute the file?


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