[IPython-user] ipython.el extensions

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Aug 16 10:44:45 CDT 2005

>Does this play nicely with other enhanced completion modes that people might
>use by default (e.g. ido)?
The interaction with icicles is limited to this invocation:

(completing-read "Completions " (mapcar (lambda (x) (cons x nil)) 
                                                   nil nil common-part)))

so i guess it won;t be difficult to integrate ido.

>Interesting -- do you achieve this (e.g. correct prompt numbers) just from
>ipython.el by manipulating internal variables of ipython? What kept me from
>implementing those things properly so far is that I figured most of it really
>ought to be done in the supporting python code, but since relevant parts of
>ipython were both terribly convoluted and scheduled to be completely rewritten
>I deferred this till the promised internal restructuring.
Correct prompt numbers are for free. Just sending tabs as you usually do
during your ipython sessions keeps everything ok (that's the way it's 
to be used). The dialogue is based in a few assumptions about timing and
prompt strings (as "--More--") from ipython. This is not too convolved and
seems to work ok. Anyway I do agree that this would be better done inside
python supporting code and that it's subject to be broken by next
ipython release. But I started the thing as a quick hack and that seemed to
be the best way to achieve my objective in that context.

>Weren't there also some efforts in the python-mode project to get some more
>intellisense like autocompletion working for python buffers (80% functionality
>ought to be fairly easy to achieve; 100% impossible due to the dynamic nature
>of python)?
I thing there are some efforts in that direction. I was checking
their sources for no more that ten minutes this morning and I will continue
after my working day.

>ount me in! (but if you plan to do a bit more testing in the few days, I can
>wait till then, thanks to a busy schedule).
This morning I've tested the extensions at my xp workstation at work.
ipython is totally dead there. I will take a look at that issue as soon as I
have time. Another thing is that icicles doesn't seem to work out
of the box with xemacs, so I would need to patch it too. I want to
address both issues during the next few days. Anyway I will send
you the basic thing -which runs fine over linux/fsf emacs- about tomorrow.



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