[IPython-user] Re: silly question about ipython and pdb integration

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Aug 16 17:27:08 CDT 2005

mchl gdbt wrote:
> Hello,
> This is Michael continuing the same thread from a different email address.
> Ok, so the first thing I noticed was that when you entered pdb mode, there 
> was an actual (Pdb) in the margin which I did not get.


> If I press ctrl-c enough, then the shell dies. Is there a less fatal way of 
> breaking back out to the shell after a failure to execute the file?

Your symptoms are very, very strange.  Please try to see if the you get 
similar problems by running a trivial script that causes an exception, like 
1/0.  I want to make sure that we isolate this to ipython, and not something 
you're running.

That missing (Pdb) prompt in your system is _really_ strange, and it tells me 
that somewhere, something is badly broken.  But I have no clue what.

There are also hints of COM objects in your system:

<unknown>> in Item(self, Index)

I wonder if those are the ones causing the Ctrl-C problems.  It may be that 
one of those is loading a SIGINT handler, thus messing up python's own.

Please try to reproduce these symptoms with as small a script as you can, and 
hopefully something that doesn't require any of your own data or personal 
libraries.  Only that way can we isolate it, and perhaps either I or another 
user can think of a solution.

If you can reproduce it, please post exactly both the script used and your 
screen grabs with the results.



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