[IPython-user] ipython.el extensions

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Aug 17 18:44:12 CDT 2005

Carlos Pita wrote:
> Hi! Sorry for the delay. I'm really busy and near to an important
> release here at work. I've been trying to make ipython.el work under
> fsf-emacs/win32. After patching a little Console.py as
> suggested in
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/help-emacs-windows/2005-04/msg00030.html
> it seems to work fine. The ipython command string passed
> to comint (through python-mode) is wrong too, as ipython can't be
> directly executed by windows. That requires a trivial fix: simply passing
> ipython as a command line arg to python will do it. Also
> ansi color output should be avoided. The guy from the
> post above solved it by filtering escape sequences. But it's
> easier to pass '-colors NoColor' to ipython command
> line.
> All in all, it's working now, so I can play a little with it
> at office. I guess I could send you something decent
> (including win32 fixes) by the weekend.
> Regards,
> Carlos

No problem, Che :)

Send it when you get a chance.

I'm starting to consider hosting win32readline here, so we can keep the 
patches handy.  I know Greg is busy with other things, and this would make 
life perhaps easier for ipython users.  Now that we have a nice SVN setup 
where holding new stuff is trivial, it would be really easy to do.




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