[IPython-user] -pylab option

DogWalker forestiero at qwest.net
Fri Aug 26 12:57:09 CDT 2005

"Ryan Krauss" <ryanfedora at comcast.net> said:

>If I right click on my short cut, the target box contains the following:
>C:\Python23\python.exe C:\Python23\scripts\ipython -pylab
>without any quotes.  I am running windows XP.
>So, the first thing I would try is right clicking on the short cut (you 
>may already be doing that), and looking for something similar.
>I also have no problem running the following from a dos prompt:
>C:\Documents and Settings\Ryan Krauss>C:\python23\python.exe 
>C:\Python23\scripts\ipython -pylab
>without quotes.  But if I try your path without quotes, I get problems 
>from the space in Program Files.  If nothing else, you may try 
>installing Ipython in a folder where there would be no spaces in the path.
>Howey, David A wrote:
>> help! I'm having trouble getting ipython to run with the -pylab option enabled.
>> to start ipython, I just click on the 'ipython' icon (I'm in win98SE) normally. I've now adjusted the shortcut to point to
>> 'C:\Python23\python.exe "C:\Program Files\IPython\IPython_shell.py -pylab"'
>> sadly, this returns 'can't open file'
>> Dave

Substitute the MS-DOS name for "Program Files" since it does not contain a space.
To find out the MS-DOS name, right click the "Program Files" folder and select
Properties in the menu; the MS-DOS name appears on the General tab: something 
like PROGRA~1.

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