[IPython-user] lazy python; archive search

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Dec 27 02:12:33 CST 2005

sorry for the delay...

Matt Wilkie wrote:
> Hello ipy, I have two questions today:
> 1)  is there an easy way to create lists n such without having to
> quote everything? e.g.
> "plans = [84574 85779 86458]" ---->
> "plans = ['84574','85779','86458']"

Other replied to this one, I think.

> 2)  are there searchable ipython mailing list archives? the index at
> http://scipy.net/pipermail/ipython-user/ is handy but not very good
> for finding things you don't know about already.

You can try a site-restricted goole search, or use gmane, which mirrors the 
mailing lists and has search:




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