[IPython-user] Macros & slice notation

Ville Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 04:10:55 CST 2005

On 12/30/05, Fernando Perez <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu> wrote:

> recipe for unnecessary confusion (think perl).  I'd rather have one, good and
> intuitive way to do it: the human brain (at least mine :) is good at
> remembering specific use cases, as long as they remain reasonably orthogonal.

Well, if you want an intuitive way, I think it speaks directly for 1-3
as 1..3! :-)

1:4 is always a gotcha, one extra thing to remember, one extra brain
cycle, one thing that stops you from getting the direct "do what I
mean" experience. Because it's a %magic it basically boils down to
"what feels most comfortable", not "what is just like the rest of
python". Think $var string interpolation etc.

Plus, you are bumping the major version number so this is your break
at changing it. :-).

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