[IPython-user] python-mode tab completion problem

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Dec 31 17:13:29 CST 2005

Hi John,

John Barnard wrote:

> To get tab completion working with GNU Emacs 23 (I'm using a
> pre-release Cocoa build), I commented out the following three
> lines in the complete method of the IPCompleter class in
> completer.py:
> if not self.get_line_buffer().strip():
>         self.readline.insert_text('\t')
>         return None
> Using pdb within IPython (within Emacs), I found that the
> self.get_line_buffer() call was returning the empty string,
> hence, the complete method returned before do any completion
> lookups. This code doesn't seem to serve a crucial function;
> terminal-based ipython runs fine except it now prompts you when
> you hit tab on an empty line -- the commented code gets rid of
> the prompt. Basically, the commented code only works properly
> with readline, which isn't used when running ipython within
> Emacs.

Note that this code was actually added to fulfill a feature request: the 
ability to paste tab-indented code _from_ emacs into a normal ipython session. 
  So I applied a slightly modified version of your change to SVN (also in the 
just-released rc5).  Please let me know if it works for you.

Also, reports from other GNU Emacs users would be welcome (for me, under 
XEmacs all seems OK).



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