[IPython-user] two feature ideas

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Thu Feb 10 09:49:42 CST 2005

1) Lines ending in semicolon would suppress standard out.  Eg,
   functions returning arrays in matplotlib (hist) can cause a screen

   >>> hist(something);

   if the line ended in semicolon would break no python code and would
   be useful for interactive sessions.  

2) Is it possible for ipython not to block on an edit command.  Eg, if
   I dump a data file in ipython and am using emacsclient to feed data
   to my running emacs session in X,  I would like to be able to send
   the data file to emacs with 

   >>> edit 'somefile.dat'

   and not have it block my ipython session (and my gtk app I'm
   running under gthread)

Is the namespace merge feature in CVS yet?


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