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Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Feb 19 04:39:04 CST 2005

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I'm afraid I can't reproduce this under Linux, nor do I have a win32 box to 
test on.  Under Fedora3, with pygtk2-2.4.0-1, the behavior is normal with all 
backends (GTK, GTKAgg, WX, WXAgg and TkAgg).

Perhaps John Hunter, the matplotlib author, might have an idea, I know he uses 
gtk heavily.  Or some other list user might be able to help...  Ideas anyone?



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Subject: [issue29] gtk slowdown in pylab mode on win32
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 09:12:12 +0000
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New submission from Matthew Arnison <maffew at cat.org.au>:

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I've setup my winXP PC with pygtk according to this recipe:


using the latest gladewin32 GTK 2.4 development package.

When I run ipython in pylab mode, it works fine with TkAgg.
But I have a matplotlib app written with GTK that I would
like to debug using ipython.

ipython refuses to import modules which try and change the
matplotlib backend (using matplotlib.use()).

So the other option is to change the default backend in
.matplotlibrc to GTK instead of TkAgg. However, when I do
this, the ipython prompt slows down to about 1 character per

Everything works fine if I'm patient enough, e.g.


pops up a GTK graph as expected.

I suspect other people aren't seeing this bug because they
are using GTK 2.2? But gladewin32 is already up to GTK
2.6.x, so 2.2 is getting a bit stale. I've noticed this bug
for several months, and it's possible it started appearing
when I upgraded from GTK 2.2 to GTK 2.4.

Here are my current versions:


Anyway, I can work around it, and I know Fernando is trying
to do some heavy duty refactoring of ipython. But I thought
I'd post a message for reference. I'll copy this to the
ipython bug tracker too.

Thanks again for ipython.


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