[IPython-user] How to set -pylab option on win32 system?

D Brown dbrown2 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 23 19:03:49 CST 2005

Recently I upgraded ipython under XP.  I had previously set
the -pylab option in a shortcut.  After the upgrade I have
not been able to get this working again and I'm not sure
now about my previous setup details.

It looks like the shortcut is using ipython.py to start up
ipython.  If I use "ipython.py -pylab" in the shortcut or
command line the setting does not work.  What's the proper
way to start ipython under win32 systems and how can I get
back the interactive-mode matplotlib capabilities?  Without
this option I need to use matplotlib's Show() to display
the final plot, but this freezes ipython until the plot
window is closed (later interaction is fine however).

-- David


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