[IPython-user] Trouble with Win2K install

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Jan 8 14:04:57 CST 2005

Dave Merrill wrote:
> I'm new to python, and ipython, but not to programming, having trouble
> getting ipython installed on windows 2000, python 233. Any help would be
> much appreciated; I'm sure I'm being some basic flavor of dense...
> First downloaded and installed PythonWin, readline and ctypes. They're all
> pretty clearly here and working, because I can run PythonWin, and from
> there, importing readline and ctypes works.
> Then downloaded ipython-0.6.6.zip and unzipped it. When I double-click
> setup.py, I get only a brief wait cursor; nothing else happens, and
> importing ipython as a test fails.
> I tried moving the whole unzipped dir to site-packages, no difference.
> Both files in the scripts dir, ipython and pycolor, have no filename
> extension, which seems odd to my newbie eye. I tried renaming them to .py,
> still no difference.
> My apologies for this basic question, and my no-doubt-ignorant flailing
> about. Very much looking forward to getting this working.

I'm not a windows user, so this may be off base.  But recently I tried to 
install the windows ipython on an XP machine, and I noticed a problem: if you 
use the default .zip support in Windows and double-click the setup.py file, 
nothing happens because windows does not do a full uncompress in a temp 
directory (like winzip does).  So you need to really extract the full zip 
directory to a standalone folder.  But from your email, I seem to understand 
that you've already done this, so let's look for other things.

One thing you can try is to execute the setup.py by hand: open up a terminal, 
and go into the folder where you unzipped it.  Then, try:

/path/to/your/python.exe setup.py install

If you get an error message there, please copy and paste it exactly to the 
list. With an actual traceback, we should be able to help.



ps.  This section of the manual:


gives you a bit more detail about the windows installation, which may help 
track down your problem.

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