[IPython-user] Got bdist_wininst working for IPython ...

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Jan 8 17:08:25 CST 2005

Viktor Ransmayr wrote:
> Hello Fernando,
> Over the holidays I finally got a windows installer working for IPython.
> With the attached version of the setup.py and ipython_win_post_install.py
> files I was able to get IPython-0.6.6 properly installed and de-installed
> with Python 2.3

Great, many thanks.  I'll try to put up an installer in the testing directory 
of ipython in a few days with this and some other recent changes.  At the 
time, it will be great to have some user feedback on how well this works 'in 
the wild'.  There have been some other fixes I've put into CVS, so this will 
be a good 0.6.7 for the new year.



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